Friday, December 2, 2016


Educating children about charity can be rewarding for both the care givers and the children. Children three and older are at a great age to learn about empathy and care for other people. By encouraging charity, you are working to make the child to grow up with compassion for others. As a parent or a nanny you can assist the child by creating an environment where giving is a smooth and encouraged occurrence. It is important for children to see their care takers donating their time and money to help others. Make sure to explain to the child that not everyone is fortunate to have toys, food, or medicine, and it is important to help those in need.

How to involve the children in your care in charitable acts:

  • Bring the children with you when you volunteer, -Encourage them to help you pick out canned foods during a food drive or have them walk with you when you participate in a benefit walk (also have them help you generate sponsors for your walk) so they can take pride in the entire process of helping).

  • Create a charity box in the house and have them put a portion of their own money into it then have them decide what charity they would like to spend it on.

  • Give food to a local pet shelter. (This will help the children in your care to empathize with animals as well as humans, and may give them a chance to play with an animal in need)

  • Help the neighbors (Offer to pick up mail, newspapers for elderly neighbors or those out of town, and encourage the children in your care to do the same)

  • Have the child donate their old toys or books to charity to help those less fortunate (At Smart Sitters Company) we love the charity which is a library setup in Nicaragua to help children and adults learn to read and receive medical care they would not otherwise receive.)

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